What Can We Expect From Mikal Bridges in the Main Role?

Mikal Bridges has been widely considered an “Elite Role Player” in the past several seasons. He’s a very versatile defender who can defend 1 through 4 positions, he is an efficient and consistent scorer who will always make the right decision on the offensive side, and can even create his shot when needed. However, all of the mentioned things apply when he was a 3rd, or even more likely 4th option as Ayton still had more touches than him in the past seasons.

But this season we’ve been able to get a glimpse of how he looks as a second option, and even as the first option on an injury-riddled Suns.

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Who changed his shot profile the most this season?

At this point, most teams have played at least 15 games, which is already a pretty decent sample of games from which we can draw some conclusions. What interests me today is who changed their shot profile the most?

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Rudy Gobert - Center of Attention

Rudy Gobert is perhaps the most underrated player today. In a hyperscoring NBA world where there have never been so many players with 20 or more points per game, Gobert with his 2.16 meters (7ft 1) and Pterodactyl-like wing-span of 2.36 meters (7ft 9) has only 14.4 points per game. But does that even matter at all? Because Gobert’s influence on the Jazz’ defense and offense can be seen in some “unconventional” statistics that are simply impressive.

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Denver Nuggets - Poetry in Motion

In addition to being one of the best teams in the league at the moment, the Nuggets are, in my opinion, the most fun team to watch. Lots of movements without the ball, lots of interesting and non-traditional actions, and some of them can even be called crazy.

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Are endings of NBA games boring?

In a time where NBA ratings are decreasing significantly and arenas have been empty for almost a year now, the excitement during the last couple of minutes is of huge importance. But is the experience of watching live games ruined by constant interruptions? In this post, I look at how those interruptions impact the length of always crucial last minute of the game.

Did Dario Šarić finally find his true role?

Dario Šarić has bounced around the NBA and is now with his 3rd team in 5 seasons. After he almost won Rookie of The Year award back in 2016-17, I thought his numbers will explode, however his role kept changing and numbers kept diminishing, until this season (well, last year’s bubble, but okay) and his new role with Phoenix Suns.

Mid-Season awards

This season, the All-Star break marks the middle of the season, so it is the proper time to dish out my mid-season awards.

Is the mid-range really dead?

There has never been a smaller number of shots from mid-range, but does that mean that the mid-range is dead?

(Un)Luckiest Teams Based on Opponent's Wide Open FG3%

Some teams started the season surprisingly well, while others started rather badly. So if you glance over this table and then the real NBA standings you’ll notice that teams which are on top here have really bad score (Washington 2-7, Denver 3-5 and Minny 2-6).

On the other hand, teams on bottom of this table have a solid score, Hawks currently sit at 4-4 while Knicks’ score is 5-4.

Breaking down "Real" vs "Fake" Assists

What is assist? Assist is a pass that leads directly to a made basket. However, I realized that sometimes that directly means after a couple of dribbles, or after a pull up jump shoot, and so on… So in another words, assist is a relatively loose term when we observe NBA in comparison to basketball in Europe (FIBA actually).

That inspired me to take a look at play by play data at official NBA site and try to split the assists in two categories. “Real” vs “Fake” assists.

Can AD's defensive versatility finally bring him the DPOY award?

After being drafted first overall in 2012 by New Orleans Pelicans (then called Hornets), Anthony Davis has delivered great performances year in and year out. However, that success was more on a “personal” level, as the Pelicans only made the playoffs twice, in 2014-15 and 2017-18 season. AD was great in those playoff performances, but the furthest Pels reached is 2nd round in 2017-18.

Through his first seven seasons, Davis has been recognized as one of the best defenders in the league, and yet he only made an All-Defensive team three times (he was named two times on second, and once on first All-Defensive team). Did the team success (or lack of it) throttle Davis in possibly winning a DPOY or two? Or he just wasn’t that good?

Shallow Analysis of After Timeout Plays

Often times you hear that coaches are praised because of their ability to draw and execute After Timeout (ATO) Play, however, we’ll take a look if there is any correlation between the successful realization of ATO play and team’s win percentage. Furthermore, I’ll take a look at who are some of the most successful players in executing those same actions.

Celtics have Found their Duo of the Future

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have both had their breakout seasons this year. Their usage has been increasing each year, and this year they are the leaders of the Celtics’ team in that aspect, along with veterans Hayward and Walker. However, unlike the latter two, Tatum and Brown are only 21 and 23 years old, respectively. Given that forwards are the center pieces in most NBA teams, it seems like Celtics have a solid foundation for the future.

Defensive Specialists, part 3 - Robert Covington's seamless adaptation to Houston Rockets' Defensive Scheme

After Houston Rockets pulled off the deal for Robert Covington at this year’s trade deadline many wondered what are the Rockets doing and how will their team look, especially in the defense. Well, they are doing as good as before, maybe even better, and one of the biggest factors in their Defense has been Robert Covington.

A Look at John Stockton's records which will probably never be broken

Today is the birthday of an NBA icon, in the full sense of that word. John Stockton was born on 26.03.1962. and spent his entire career as a Utah Jazz PG. He has taken the team to the playoffs every season of his career.

Best Non-Champion NBA Team in Last 20 Years

I decided to create a tournament in form of polls, where we will find out which is the best Non-Champion NBA Team in last 20 years. More information on my Facebook page.

Trae Young and Damian Lillard are leading the long-range shooting trend

It is already widely known that the number of threes is increasing significantly throughout the entire NBA with every year. This has become a necessary skill for virtually all positions. But there are more and more players playing in some new, crazier way. The world was primarily impressed with Steph Curry and his long range threes, but today some players take that long-range shooting to an even greater level.

Coby White is joining in consideration as one of the top Rookies

Coby White has had an amazing streak of games. Since the beginning of February, he averages 21 points per game, with percentages of 43.4%/37.4%/90.9%.

Duncan Robinson is becoming the definition of "Catch and Shoot" player

Some raw numbers and data to begin with. Robinson is currently third in the entire NBA league in total threes with 216, with only Buddy Hield (225) and James Harden (261) ahead of him. With Duncan 5% and 7% respectfully, more efficient than them at three-point shooting. We can say with great certainty that Robinson is already an elite three-point shooter.

Markelle Fultz is magically improving In Orlando

Markelle Fultz is at 11.9/3.4/5.0 this season with 1.3 steals per game, all with just 28.1 minutes on the court. He mostly shared the PG role with DJ Augustin, who was injured on 14th of January and missed the last month of action. During that period, Fultz saw even bigger increase in his role and had 6.4 assists on average.

Zion Williamson is a Breath of Freshness and Old School Basketball

After 10 NBA games in which he gave us many highlights and wonderful moves with phenomenal numbers, we already have enough games, data and actions to analyze Zion and his style.

First, I have to say that the level of hype around Zion before, during and after the draft was definitely the highest in the last ten years. The one closest to Zion is probably Ben Simmons with comparisons to LeBron, but it still seems to me that Zion and the story around him is much bigger than Simmons.

Defensive Specialists, part 2 - Brook Lopez

The second part of this series has finally arrived, and this time it is about Brook Lopez, one of the key contributors to the Milwaukee Bucks’ phenomenal defense.Although Giannis has been one of the DPOY’s top contenders for several years in a row (with his MVP candidacy of course), Brook Lopez is definitely a very important factor.

Analysis of assists by Bam Adebayo

Bam Adebayo deservedly received his first call-up to an All-Star game this year. He increased his points and his assists doubled compared to last year. And that is exactly the statistics I observe here.

Analysis of Assists by LeBron James in 2019-20 season

LeBron James is convincingly leading the NBA in assists per game this year, as well as total assists (almost 100 more than the next best passer !!). Because of that, I was wondering where the shots on his assist were and what type of the shots were they. In the shot chart you can see all such shots that I have divided into two categories.

Defensive specialists, part 1 - Rudy Gobert

Back to back Defensive Player of the Year in the NBA and by probably the top candidate for another one. Although he was never selected to the All Star team, which, in my subjective opinion, is undeserved, Gobert has been a player of incredible value ​​for the Utah Jazz. Their entire defense scheme is based on Gobert.

Domantas Sabonis is becoming a leader of surging Pacers

Domantas Sabonis is a key player of the Indiana Pacers this season, currently ranked No. 5 in the Eastern Conference. In a season where Oladipo hasn’t played yet and some key players missed some periods of time such as Myles Turner and Malcolm Brogdon, Sabonis stood out as the team leader at just 23 years old.

In Depth Look at Luka Doncic's Performance

Luka Dončić has arguably been rookie of the year thus far in 2018–19 season, his performance is keeping Dallas Mavericks in the realistic possibility of achieving this year’s playoffs with currently standing only 5.5 games out of 8th seed. He is putting up amazing numbers that match up with some of the all time greats and currently best active players. I will touch on that in detail later on, for now there are some specific areas of his game which I want to explore.