About the Site

This site is dedicated to delivering quality, in-depth and detailed posts about basketball and basketball analytics. Most posts, if not all contain some charts, which are generated using the data from stats.nba.com or basketball-reference. All of the data shown on the charts belongs to them, and I do not own any data. Videos are also retrieved through same site and they also aren’t in my ownership.

As far as charts go, I generate them using Python and mostly package called matplotlib. Also, code for most charts can be found at my repository.


Originally this site started as an Instagram page, where I posted various charts. That evolved to a Facebook page since more detailed posts can be written there.

All the content which you will read here, you can read on both of those social media profiles.


I work full time as Software Engineer, but sports are my passion, especially basketball, and I try to connect my passion with my profession through projects like this.

If you wish to contact me, below is my contact information: