Analysis of assists by Bam Adebayo

Bam Adebayo deservedly received his first call-up to an All-Star game this year. He increased his points and his assists doubled compared to last year. And that is exactly the statistics I observe here.

The following graph shows all the shots scored on Bam Adebayo’s ASSISTS.

So let’s describe a little about what’s going on here. Bam very often operates in the area of ​​three point line, in the sense that he often gives a screen and hands the ball to a player who then kicks off the triple or drives to the hhoop. Such actions account for a greater number of his assists on the three. This information can also be easily seen through statistics, as Duncan Robinson leads the league in points from hand-off, and Tyler Herro and Kendrick Nunn are also good, both in the top 15 in points from hand-offs. #BamEffect

Bam is also a very fluid player when it comes to running the ball, sometimes leading the counterattack (after a brilliantly played defense) that ends with a good pass forward. Also, good technique often allows him to take on slower centers through drives. Often, these actions also end up dunking because he is very athletic.

And in the end I would just touch on his jump shot from mid-range. It’s one of the segments he still lacks to become an All-NBA player (with a slightly better post game) and he is working on it, already after just over half a season he has more mid-range shots than last year. More about that later..

A very interesting player in a very exciting young Miami Heat team.

Written on February 5, 2020