Best Non-Champion NBA Team in Last 20 Years

I decided to create a tournament in form of polls, where we will find out which is the best Non-Champion NBA Team in last 20 years. More information on my Facebook page.

The tournament would consist of the top 16 non-Champions NBA teams in the past 20 years.

By that I don’t mean the Golden State Warriors from 15-16 when they were 73-9, because that team won with pretty much the same squad year before and the next two years. You will also notice that I did not include a lot of teams (Dallas 06-07 because they won 4 years later, Spurs 16-17, etc ….).

The point of this tournament is to point out these great teams that were not lucky enough to fight for the title or just weren’t at that level, but somehow left a mark.

Written on March 23, 2020